What do you call a doctor with a 2.0 GPA?
What do you call an attorney who refers you to the Bar Association to find another attorney?
The Bar gave me a list. YOUR name was on it! SHOULD I CALL YOU? Uh-huh .. that's what I thought .. NO! LOLOL If tone of voice could be heard online, you'd hear mine: teasing laughter. I'm not angry at your answer, just getting rather tired of hearing it.

As the daughter of attorney and the goddaughter of a judge, and a former legal secretary and office manager for a judge and two other attorneys for years, I know a case when I see one. But, I also know that the Spirit of the Law has been raped over the years since we were all working together back in the 70's and early 80's. Now? The Letter of the Law outweighs the Spirit but without both, we have nothing.

I've been screwed, royally, and have lost my bite, the ability to eat solids, live with depression and horrible migraines, am plagued by embarrassing digestive problems and the diabetes? Completely out of control because of the loss of bite. A case I researched had a client receive $2.67 million for loss of bite - last year! This doesn't even count my SMILE or the wealth of wrinkles that God and gravity could not give a woman in a decade, much less in less than 90 days, or the ungodly pain. And MORE!

Can you even IMAGINE what the inability to EAT properly does to a diabetic? For starters, it shortens our lifespan. Since I used to be a model, I have literally 1000s of photos of myself before and after - just looking at them tells the story! I have ONE expert witness, one should do it in this case. Dentistry is not a lot like medical. But it does seriously affect existing medical conditions, which they knew about had they bothered to read the intake forms!

I'm sure you could come up with a longer list of wrongs, since you are, after all, a PI atty. I used to work for one of the finest in TX and he's the one who told me to sue the pants off this guy. Said, "it's the only way to get the necessary surgeries you need, his attention and hopefully make sure he doesn't do the same to others." But then, that's old school law. New school? If it doesn't cha-ching to more than a mil, it's rarely is seen inside a courtroom.

Know who made up the line about only a fool being his own lawyer?
A LAWYER! Likely with a big mortgage, kids in college, a wife who thinks shopping is her career, and maybe his or her own student loans! I'm mostly just kidding, but ... not entirely!

It is, after all, MY life, MY losses, so I suppose I will be MY own attorney, fool or not. The thing is: a demand letter from an attorney would very likely end the entire thing! I'm NOT asking for the moon and don't mind sharing the settlement at all but just to get an attorney to write the letter has proven to be ridiculously difficult. I've done all the legwork, got discovery out the yingyang but still ... I'm just not worth it.

Frankly, walking in front of the jury looking as I do now, and holding a large photo of how I looked just a short month before a terrible dentist and worse oral surgeon got a hold of me would definitely be the 'picture that tells a million dollars.' Those two, with with their assumptions of my finances, wreaked havoc that is still affecting my life and will until I get multiple bone grafts, a few implants, permanent dentures and crowns, and more, including a mini-face lift!

Had they done their jobs correctly - using SOP - NONE of this would be necessary. I would not even be forced to wear dentures. But because I went in at first looking like a bag lady, as many of Homer's most wealthy women do, as you probably know, they ASSUMED far, far too much and left me in horrific shape. ANY jury with a 3rd grade education and good vision can see for themselves what happened. I did NOTHING do deserve this and there WERE other options but none were told to me, none were performed. It was all based on MONEY.

I find out all this after the fact, naturally, and not through t