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Posted over 4 years ago.

We have been able to do this on the adjacent property for 3 months, I would provide more detail if there was more detail. Unfortunately before today this was not an issue, and we were advised as of today we must go away to where we are not visible from any of the buildings, which with the location the way it is, must be a ways down the road. The reasoning for my question was that as I drove around (this area is a pretty bad area to begin with) to smoke, I noticed a vehicle trailing me, I was driving with no destination yet every turn they were still there. I'm hoping maybe that helps a bit. It is not the same as bodily functions or nurishment, understandable, it's not the smoking that I'm worried about, if for ANY reason they mandate that you leave while clocked in, regardless of the reasoning, they would in most circumstances be liable as far as my knowledge would go.

Charles Joseph Michael Candiano
Charles Joseph Michael Candiano, Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Chicago, IL
Posted over 4 years ago.

I do appreciate your concerns but my opinion remains unaltered.