Ditto, but you can DIY a TESS search to freely screen for clear conflicts. Go to www.uspto.gov and click on Search for Trademarks in the upper right corner and then on the first choice (Basic Word Search), as the Boolean and FreeForm are for more experienced searchers, like us attorneys. If you find a conflict you have saved yourself the expense of an attorney and the expense of wasted promotion of someone else's mark, or worse a lawsuit. However, finding "a conflict" may not mean there actually is a conflict and not finding a conflict does not mean there is no conflict. TESS is just a tool to see what applications/registrations exist and whether they are expired (dead) or active (live) and to link to the particulars and even actual communications involved in such applications. However, it's best to leave the latter to an expert (yes, that means us attorneys) who knows the importance or non-importance of those documents.