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Posted over 4 years ago.

In response to Ms. Powell and Mr. Tomberg below: I did the probate on
my own using Mr. Wills' site. It went smoothly and I am in the process of
"administration" although as the sole heir and PR, I can kind of take my
time about some things. I will read Mr. Wills' site again, but I think I will
just get the house transferred to my name (the heir) via Quit Claim (from
the Estate of) and fill out the Excise Tax form on my own. Can't claim senior real estate tax exemption for 2012 anyway. Can't afford a "real" lawyer, so I must try by myself. Legal Shield will go over the filled forms for me, but they also neglected to tell me about consequences and protecting my own claim. Just FYI, the only
debt my mom had was a credit card for less than $800 - maybe IRS since
she paid estimated taxes. Thank you both for your warnings! Any more
advice is very welcome, of course!

Elizabeth Rankin Powell
Elizabeth Rankin Powell, Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Tacoma, WA
Posted over 4 years ago.

The transfer from the estate to the heir (you) is not a taxable event. And please consult Mr. Wills before paying your mom's Visa bill. Ditto re taxes. It cannot cost that much for a half hour of his time! I'm glad this was helpful for you - E Powell