Thank you for your caring words, it gives me some hope and relief, I had an attorney for 6.5 months and never received a response as well spoken as yours. I, at reasonable intervals of course, asked about 10 very important questions that never got responded to, no medicals filed until they just recently because he stated that my records were just stating to "trickle" in. I read in the Fl statutes that a reasonable amount of time for the records to arrive should have taken no more than a month had they even requested them is a mystery now. I cannot even get a response or my file them.

Anyway, I had a gyno and urolo from two separate offices, they were Vocational Rehabilitation vendors. What was suppose to be a one day stay in the hospital turned into a week of hell. I had to beg and cry just to get nausia medication, I had a bad reaction to the anesthisia or the maybe it was the Dilidid pump they had tried me on but I can only handle certain pain medications or I vomit profusely until I get finigren its the only nausea medication that takes vomiting away. After they pumped me with the max of some cheap nausea medication, I finally stopped puking long enough to call my husband and he called the front desk and, finally about four hours later, they came and gave me finagrin and my nausea went away within minutes, first they took me off the pump and made me wait for hours before I received any pain meds. I had to demand a new nurse because the one I had hated her job, she was practically yelling at me to get up and walk and pee or I would be there longer, I just woke up from sedation and she is trying to make it as if I was just a whiner or something. They gave a different nurse that after that things as far as that got better. I had to have a cathader put in for several days. I have had nothing but pain and problems every sense. My husband I both have had a real difficult time, we cannot even make love, he won't because we are both afraid of what it may do to me. I can hardly walk the few days without terrible (8-10) range stabbing pains when i put wait on my left leg or walk or sit too long. When it gets that bad, the pain medications does not work it needs to be stronger. I am not a druggy and I have no criminal recovrd of being a druggy so why did I have to suffer and not get the best medicene?

Now, I will attempt to be brief as I answer your inquiry, the gyno doctor is a seasoned, highly regarded, as far as I know, gyno. When I followed up a couple times after the surgery, I was on some pretty strong pain medication so, honestly the regular first two follow ups I actually got seen, this doc was as he usually was with me and my husband. He almost seem to find it amusing. He stated he did the traditional surgery using my own tissues and he did not agree with the using "mesh" or the "sling kits", (according to my research, the traditional surgery could have had or has caused about as many injuries to the nerve as using these kits, he goes onto saying that he watched the uro doctor perform the surgery and he suggested to him that the sling looked too tight but he just just blew the gyno doctor and left. The gyno docter, the older, more experienced, doctor said this to both my husband and I and his nurse when she was in the room, she was in and out. Anyway,. The uro doc is a greenhorn with this type of surgery and it is all over FDA website, which had they warned me, I would have checked out the FDA warnings and really seen all the complications and risks with NOT RARE replaced RARE. People or dying from infection because of the non human tested mesh kits, our bodies are obviously rejecting, some faster than others. I was pretty healthy right before this surgery, well other than all my pelvic organs had fallen and I could cough and lose urine by the cup full, other than that, I was happily married and I was sexually active with him. i wish I would never had the surgery, I should have asked more questions, did some research, but I was on narcotic pain meds and I was feeling all happy you know and I completely truste