Andrew Daniel Myers
Andrew Daniel Myers, Personal Injury Lawyer - North Andover, MA
Posted over 4 years ago.

The last sentence of paragraph 1 should have indicated that we won the case.

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Posted over 4 years ago.

Didnt sound like an attorney to me either! Good eye. When an oral surgeon performs an "overly aggressive alveoplasty" and leaves no maxilla for any kind of implant or denture, then we have a major problem. The bone must be replaced so the patient has a base FOR the new artificial teeth/dentures. And when said surgeon does it at a SLANT ... oh boy! Ain't we got fun?! He was supposed to do a removal of two maxilla canine bony projections. Instead ... well, I've got a case. I DON'T have an attorney though because up here in Alaska, most attorneys have admitted, they just do not know enough about it. It's a new field to them - and its partially medical and partially dental. It's time consuming IF you don't know dental, but once you do - easy peasy. Most settle. People HAVE to be able to masticate, swallow, provide themselves nutrition, hydration - without choking half to death, OR to death, as has happened. When you say I need a "written medical narrative signed by a dentist" don't you really mean a "written dental narrative written by a dentist?" ... or SEVERAL from both dentists AND oral surgeons?