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Posted over 4 years ago.

So, if there are missing document, does the court notifice the attorney or petitionar right away? when you say "The judgment clerk will reject the judgment package unless all appropriate documents were properly prepared and signed" , do you mean, it will get reviewed to make sure everything is received at the court? It will not go thru the judgement process unless everything is good? I hope it will not take 2 months to just find out if we are missing some documents to have the judgement getting stamped.

Donald Frederick Conviser
Donald Frederick Conviser, Family Law Attorney - Woodland Hills, CA
Posted over 4 years ago.

The Judgment Clerk reviews the documents to determine whether or not the Judgment Package is complete and correctly prepared. There is a backlog in processing Judgment Packages - different in each Court. If the Judgment Clerk determines there is a deficiency, he/she will prepare a punch-list and send it to the filing party with the documents that were filed, to enable that party to remedy the error and re-file. You can call your Court and try to get in touch with is Family Law Judgment Clerk in an effort to determine what is happening with your Judgment Package.