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Posted about 5 years ago.

I dont feel any entitlement to his military retirement, so thats not an issue for me. He and I have agreed on an amount for support though. So I guess really Im just curious about where to go with our agreement (we have laid out EVERYTHING; debts, medical finances for our kids, school for them, custody, basically anything and everything you can think of, its completely agreed upon.) we have this agreement written out and it has been notarized... not by anyone within the courts... so... Im wanting to know... where do i go from here... and how do we avoid any "in-court" time?

Karl J Geil
Karl J Geil, Family Law Attorney - Denver, CO
Posted about 5 years ago.

To try and do this yourself, all the forms you will need are available at, which is the Colorado Judicial Department's website. The link I provided takes you straight to the forms for a dissolution of marriage where there are children involved. Because there are children involved, the only way to avoid all court time is if you are each represented by attorneys. Otherwise, at a minimum, you will need to attend an initial status conference and a final hearing. Once you file the case, you should receive a Case Management Order from the court telling you what steps you need to take in that court, and you will both be directed to attend a Parenting After Divorce seminar before the final Decree enters.