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Posted about 5 years ago.

Dear Mark ,
the letter from the court due to my license but my license and insurance are good (nothing wrong in it) .. actually i don't know why the send me a letter , i never do something wrong and i don't have tickes to pay it .. i asked a lawyer and he called teh court to ask about my issue but they didn't explain anything for him .. plz reassure me if there is a law in US to visit the court due to license ,...

Mark R Petersen
Mark R Petersen, Estate Planning Attorney - Pocatello, ID
Posted about 5 years ago.

To give a more complete answer, I would need to see the court notice. If you have your license and insurance and the court issue is for no license or insurance just bring your information to the Court and they should clear it up. If you have a common name sometimes the courts have name confusion.