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Posted about 5 years ago.

I had the same thought, and sent inquiries to several CA attorneys based in the general area of my in-laws (which is our only physical base in CA), but when they heard that we were based overseas and had property in VA (not CA), they all said they couldn't help me, hence my confusion...

Adam Durrel Woolsey
Adam Durrel Woolsey, Business Attorney - Carmichael, CA
Posted about 5 years ago.

Belgium is not par for the course. People in your circumstance have unique execution and transfer issues, based on their "domicile" (Domicile Matters for Execution in Different Jurisdictions, See Below for further discussion of domicile).
As the mobility of the population increases, attorneys more frequently encounter clients with a variety of out-of-state estate planning concerns. One such client, for example, is the individual who currently resides in California but plans to move or retire to another state or country in the near future. Another such client is the individual who has no intention of moving but owns property in one or more other states or countries.
The domicile of a testator is the place that he or she considers home. 2 Witkin, California Procedure, Jurisdiction §151A (4th ed 1996). In Estate of Glassford (1952) 114 CA2d 181, 186, 249 P2d 908, the court elaborated on this basic definition as follows:

The concept of domicile involves the concurrence of physical presence in a particular place with the intention to make that place one's home. "The acquisition of a new domicile is generally understood to require an actual change of residence accompanied by the intention to remain either permanently or for an indefinite time without any fixed or certain purpose to return to the former place of abode." … Also, domicile has a continuing quality because a person always has a domicile and does not lose one until another is acquired.

Joel Steven Weissler
Joel Steven Weissler, Estate Planning Attorney - San Diego, CA
Posted about 5 years ago.

In spite of our closeness to Mexico and the amazing connections San Diego has to the rest of the world, most estate planners do planning only for local residents. I can understand your frustration. There are a good number of us in San Diego who can help you - but it can be challenging finding that help without looking to the big firms. Best Wishes - Joel S. Weissler

Bonnie Klein Rhoden
Bonnie Klein Rhoden, Wills and Living Wills Lawyer - Cocoa, FL
Posted almost 3 years ago.

Good answer here from this attorney.