Can you tell me if the Director (highest level for my dept) along with Project Management offered me a position with the agreement that I would be paid per diem in addition to my wages, then later stated I was confused and that it was a discussion not an offer - even though the word OFFER was specifically used - is this enforcebale as well? I have documented proof via IMs between Director & myself, as well as emails between Project Management & HR & the Director. Project Management asked HR to do the paperwork for the position offering me the standard package (noting it includes per diem). Then Director said for HR not to do anything she would take it from there - HR in home office would handle it. Later stating the offer was never made. This started a long list of harassment from this Director. Home office HR finally (via the director) offered me a lesser amount made one payment (not going back to correct start date of original offer) then the Director removed me from the position. She told me (a lie) stated I was in trouble for complaints about me from peers - then stated she was doing me a favor by NOT telling HR. She stripped me of my title (never changing my pay) falsified my review, and put me on probation (falsified) for a seperate incident. She continued to threaten and harass me hoping I would quit. When I finally told HR - it took 6 months to investigate. They apologized & said I could reapply for any job available for my original title - and it was like it did not happen. Each job I applied for, I was denied. This caused great anxiety & stress as well as damaged my professional reputation. This caused health issues & time off, which was then used against me as a reason why I could not go back to old position. Finally the day after my medical disability accommodation ended they fired me - citing attendance. Would I have a case to recieve back pay, and damages for the hostil work environment, discrimination, defimation of charactor & lost wages - or is it too late. Between the start date with the per diem & fire date it was 2 years (of hell) total?