1) I am 100% confident in our surveyor. He is from a very reputable company. He has no investment or involvement in the situation other than being hired by the land owner. He did more than his due diligence. he checked various plat records, he checked neighboring lines, and various abstracts. The thing that gives me the most confident is that he found all of the original corner posts which is almost unheard of.

2) Adverse possession is 15 years in the state of MN to the best of my knowlage. The property line runs down the edge of a grove of trees. the grove of trees is on our property line so there is no way they have been "using" that land other than what their shop is on as theirs for more than 15 years. The shop might have been there for more than 15 years that's why to give them the benefit of the doubt we want to give them that land and more so that they have the proper setbacks.