Mr Schafer: I am about to go on a three month, 7,000 mile road trip throughout the western US. I am a good driver with no moving violations since I don't know when, and I expect no problems while traveling. BUT, out-of-state plates in some areas are, sadly, suspect. For an example of a traffic stop gone bad, Youtube "Breakfast in Collinsville (with Michael Reichert)" where the officer came pretty close to just that: asset forfeiture. The driver, Mr Huff, went to a great deal of trouble to document this, to me, illegal stop. Specifically, Mr Huff said in the clip, that his getting out of the car was not a good choice, and coincidentally exposed him to further search of his person. Regardless, you have answered to focus of my question, that an officer cannot ask a driver to exit the car without "probable cause." Per the video, this simple 4th Amendment right seems to have been ignored. I want to experience a safe and happy journey, without the admittedly slim possibility of Johnny Law ruining it. Thank ALL the responses to this minor legal question. It matters to me.