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Posted almost 5 years ago.

Thank you for your advice. Do I need to seek out an anesthesiologist specifically, or will a neurologist or orthopedic suffice? I called the hospital today to get my records. I do feel I certainly need additional medical services but without the funds, I'm hesitant to go to just anyone.

Marc Sean Hurd
Marc Sean Hurd, Personal Injury Lawyer - Corona, CA
Posted almost 5 years ago.

My suggestion would be to consult with a med. mal. lawyer, who will be able to review all of the facts and the records, and make that determination. However, generally speaking, you need to have an expert in the same specialty as the doctor you are pursuing the claim against; i.e. if the doctor you believe committed malpractice is an anesthesiologist or a pain management specialist, you would need an expert who specializes in anesthesiology or pain management.