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Posted over 5 years ago.

Hi - I am not sure if you can read my comments. I will give it a try: I should have phrased my question properly: My wife doesn't work but our tax returns are joint. In this case, can she use our joint returns (without my permission) to qualify for financial requirements. Is there a way to prevent her from doing so? I do understand the financial responsibility clause of 10 years for new immigrants and I don't want to be responsible for her siblings financially. Also, their petition was filed in February of 2008 (They are in Pakistan). How long more before INS would require my wife to provide financial requirements and the petition to get approved? Thanks.

Alexander M. Ivakhnenko
Alexander M. Ivakhnenko, Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL
Posted over 5 years ago.

Thanks you for the clarification. The key issue is that you filed jointly therefore, the spouse is able to use your joint return to qualify. Also, there is no exact time frame the USCIS (the former INS) processes the submission but it may take a long time.