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Posted about 5 years ago.

They called me and said "we got a better loan for and and your payments are lower, please come in to sign new contract"....So Im assuming a lower interest rate......Im curious if I can use this as a 'second chance' to negotiate because carefully looking over the cost of the vehicle, + the fact the down payment (not yet paid) was not subtracted from the vehicle sale price, and the 'cost of the loan' fee (which seems to be seperate from the total interest i will have paid over the length of the loan...<---all of that seems to be really screwy and If I have a second chance to re negotiate if my first contract is no good then I want to do everything I can to do so....or take my trade in back...(which they covered 100% with no difference to pay) orrrr...just walk away,,,,Do I have any ground to stand on by refusing to sign new paperwork??

Ronald Lee Burdge
Ronald Lee Burdge, Lemon Law Attorney - Dayton, OH
Posted about 5 years ago.

A better loan usually means it is better for the dealer, not for the customer. Be very, very careful.