Spot-on, John. If I, from my office in Illinois, advise someone in CA or WA on a patent infringement issue, I am in IL not CA or WA. And, if I take that someone as a client, I am authorized to do that because the Federal Government, specifically the US PTO has licensed me to do just that. So I am authorized, not unauthorized. Same for John if he in Seattle takes a client from my local area. He is authorized by the PTO to do that. Whether a client in Seattle should be using John in Seattle rather than me in IL or whether an IL client should be using me in IL or John in Seattle is a matter of business judgment by the client NOT a matter of authorization. We both would tell you that often the technical backgrounds of patent attorneys make it perfectly logical to go to an out of state attorney with the most technical knowledge in your field. Indeed, I will frequently refer local clients to out of state attorneys for just that reason, and I frequently get out of state clients due to my special expertise in certain areas.