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Posted over 5 years ago.

I have been working in the special ed. field for the last ten years. To date, this is the first school that has refused to make any kind of concessions. They have a reputation for driving student with disabilities out because they ruin their reputations as a public school with high-test scores. I have two private evals and am investigating a third that would include classroom observations. The ultimate ideal would be placement at a school such as Landmark in Beverly, MA. However, that requires brining in the sending school, which would then want to try their own programs. The student is too old for the wait and sees approach.

I am disgusted by the behavior the school is putting forth. It is obviously about money and test scores, nothing more, and nothing less.

Thanks again for the response, much appreciated.

Todd Bruce Kotler
Todd Bruce Kotler, Education Law Attorney - North Canton, OH
Posted over 5 years ago.

Have the indedpendent evaluators conducted observations in the current placement? I consider that key in making a pursausive argument as to appropriateness (the A in FAPE)