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What an Adoption lawyer can do for you

An adoption attorney can help adopting parents understand their new rights and responsibilities to make the right decisions for the child. After one or both of a biological parents' rights have been terminated by court, an adoption can take place. In some cases, the assistance of an adoption lawyer is required by law. An adoption attorney will draft and review contracts while working with the adopting and biological parents as they navigate the adoption process of a child or a step-child.

Why hire an Adoption attorney

An adoption lawyer helps to place children with parents other than their birth parents. An adoption cuts off the birth parents' rights and responsibilities, and gives them to the adoptive parents. Once an adoption is final, the adopted child receives the same legal treatment as a biological child. Adoption is often an emotional time and an adoption lawyer can help you make the right decisions for the child.

Did you know?

The percentage of adoptions that are disrupted (after the child has been placed in the adoptive home, but before the adoption has been legalized) has a rate of 24% for children ages 12-17.