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  1. Schaumburg Trademark Infringement Attorney Matthew L Mcbride III

    Matthew Mcbride

    Agent and marketing representative for former U.S. Men's National Team soccer player Brian McBride:1998-present. Elite Soccer Educational Foundation NFP- Board of Directors Volunteer -... more
    Licensed for 19 years - $225-$275/hour


  2. Schaumburg Trademark Infringement Attorney Ryan Parrent

    Ryan Parrent

    Palatine, IL Trademark Infringement Attorney
    Licensed for 4 years
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  3. Schaumburg Trademark Infringement Attorney Gretchen Ann Marie Eck

    Gretchen Eck

    Hoffman Estates, IL Trademark Infringement Attorney
    Licensed for 9 years
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Trademark Infringement

A trademark protects words, names, symbols, or devices that identify a specific product for consumers. For example, Kleenex® is a trademarked company name. Other tissue makers, like Puffs®, cannot use the word Kleenex in their products, even though many people refer to all tissues as “Kleenex.” When someone uses your trademark without your consent, you will need the services of a trademark infringement lawyer. Trademark infringement attorneys know which options and procedures will get the desired outcome for your case (whether it's destroying the competing product, stopping the continued misuse of your trademark, or compensation for the money the infringer earned from your trademark). Trademark infringement attorneys can also defend your use of materials if someone claims you have infringed on their trademarked materials.