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  1. In regards to Affidavit of Support can one file taxes to join their immigrate spouses income to theirs?

    Asked in Charleston, WV – 3 lawyer answers
  2. Am i able to get my father residency?

    Asked in Riverside, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  3. I want a legal attorney to defend me and my son so we can come back to US.

    Asked in Miami, FL – 3 lawyer answers
  4. Attorney lied and took our money. Desperate

    Asked in Las Vegas, NV – 4 lawyer answers
  5. My friend is Mexican and is illegal, got in trouble last weekend and they said immigration had 48hrs. then said 72. no bond.

    Asked in Boswell, OK – 1 lawyer answer
  6. I am a US Citizen. I would like to file for aged mother and sister that is divorced. should they be filed for separately?

    Asked in Fort Lauderdale, FL – 4 lawyer answers
  7. Attorney lied and took our money. Desperate

    Asked in Las Vegas, NV – 3 lawyer answers
  8. I claimed to be single but was "married" when I became a US citizen over 15 years ago- could this have legal consequences today?

    Asked in Carlsbad, CA – 5 lawyer answers
  9. Hey i am going to sponsor for my sister and her husband, how much should i file for tax just to be enough to be an sponsor?

    Asked in Hollywood, FL – 4 lawyer answers
  10. Seeking legal advice from a Boston, MA Immigration Lawyer.

    Asked in Boston, MA – 6 lawyer answers
  11. If I adopted my grand daughter does the two year residency rule apply?

    Asked in North Las Vegas, NV – 3 lawyer answers
  12. Do I have to petition my fiance even though I'm the one who wants to move to another country?

    Asked in New York, NY – 3 lawyer answers
  13. Going through divorce. After the divorce, My ex will marry the woman she had a child outside our marriage to give her US status.

    Asked in San Jose, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  14. Filing green card forms: should I send one single check with the total amount or one check for every single form's fee?

    Asked in Los Angeles, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  15. Is it possible to get Taxpayer Identification Number and if I am illegal immigrant and already have Social Security Number?

    Asked in New Orleans, LA – 3 lawyer answers
  16. Can you sponsor someone to come to USA if you are not a immediate family member?

    Asked in Baltimore, MD – 4 lawyer answers
  17. My dad is a naturalized American citizen, I live in Mexico, I'm 17 years old, he can help me to come legally?

    Asked in Glenwood Springs, CO – 4 lawyer answers
  18. My sister is American citizen, I have lived illegal in the US for 16 years, she can help me to be legally in the US?

    Asked in Glenwood Springs, CO – 3 lawyer answers
  19. Will our k1 fiance visa be denied?

    Asked in Houston, TX – 3 lawyer answers
  20. Concurrently file for Change of Status (I 539) along with Employment Authorization (I 765)

    Asked in Tustin, CA – 1 lawyer answer

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