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  1. In regards to Affidavit of Support can one file taxes to join their immigrate spouses income to theirs?

    Asked in Charleston, WV – 3 lawyer answers
  2. I want a legal attorney to defend me and my son so we can come back to US.

    Asked in Miami, FL – 3 lawyer answers
  3. Attorney lied and took our money. Desperate

    Asked in Las Vegas, NV – 4 lawyer answers
  4. My friend is Mexican and is illegal, got in trouble last weekend and they said immigration had 48hrs. then said 72. no bond.

    Asked in Boswell, OK – 1 lawyer answer
  5. I am a US Citizen. I would like to file for aged mother and sister that is divorced. should they be filed for separately?

    Asked in Fort Lauderdale, FL – 4 lawyer answers
  6. Attorney lied and took our money. Desperate

    Asked in Las Vegas, NV – 3 lawyer answers
  7. I claimed to be single but was "married" when I became a US citizen over 15 years ago- could this have legal consequences today?

    Asked in Carlsbad, CA – 5 lawyer answers
  8. Am i able to get my father residency?

    Asked in Riverside, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  9. Declare employment offer at CR1 visa interview?

    Asked in San Francisco, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  10. Does anyone know a good immigration lawyer that is based in Jamaica?

    Asked in Philadelphia, PA – 3 lawyer answers
  11. How long is recommended to wait to re-enter the U.S.?

    Asked in Springfield, NJ – 3 lawyer answers
  12. I have a few questions regarding form I-821D?

    Asked in Los Angeles, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  13. If my parents' mother and father are both dead, do I need to list them on the immigration form G-325?

    Asked in Waukesha, WI – 5 lawyer answers
  14. If i have urgency .Can I go for Biometrics with the Form I-797C ?

    Asked in Flint, MI – 3 lawyer answers
  15. I got waiver says I cant return to my country & the got IR6 Residence. Can I travel to me country of origin?

    Asked in Alexandria, VA – 4 lawyer answers
  16. Can immigration can pick up immigrants by a phone call ?

    Asked in Huntington Park, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  17. I came to the U.S. in transit without a Visa back in '94 should I put down Transit without a Visa or Entered Without inspection?

    Asked in Newburgh, NY – 4 lawyer answers
  18. Do I need to retain an immigration lawyer for the US Amnesty program for kids

    Asked in North Richland Hills, TX – 3 lawyer answers
  19. Can I use my school ID as a passport or do I have to get a one?

    Asked in San Antonio, TX – 3 lawyer answers
  20. I am a green card holder, Is there a passport validity requirements for entry into the US (less than 6 or 2 months?).

    Asked in Chicago, IL – 4 lawyer answers

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