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Immigration holds and deportation

If you are an immigrant, certain actions such as criminal offenses can lead to your deportation. However, you still have legal rights.

Features related to Immigration holds and deportation

How to Avoid an ICE Arrest in Your Home and Sudden Deportation

by attorney Sophie Marie Alcorn

This article gives an overview of the various steps you can take to reduce the possibility of an ICE arrest or deportation.

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If I am Facing Deportation/Removal Proceedings, What Options do I Have?

by attorney Christopher H. Ariano

There are several forms of relief available if you are facing removal proceedings. These include cancellation of removal, certain waivers, and special...

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What Happens if I Receive a Notice of Removal/Deportation Proceedings?

by attorney Christopher H. Ariano

Receiving a notice of removal/deportation proceedings means that ICE is starting the deportation process. There are several things you will need to be aware...

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What to do if detained by immigration

by attorney Sebastian Jose Simon

Even if you are detained by immigration, you still have rights. This guide explains the rights you have and how to exercise them.

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