A DUI can cause hardship financially as well as legally, and it is important to plan for the financial implications as soon as you are charged. Most notably, hiring a DUI lawyer can cost thousands of dollars, depending on your lawyer’s fee as well as the complexity and duration of the legal trial. It is important to ask upfront about lawyer’s fees and any payment plans they might be able to offer.

Other legal fees that can accrue during trial are expenses for bonding out of jail, bringing in investigators, hiring expert witnesses, and paying court reporters and other essential personnel for your case. If your DUI also resulted in a civil suit you may be required to compensate those affected.

In addition to legal fees, if convicted you may be required to attend an alcohol treatment program or DUI school, and pay a fine as part of your sentence. You may also need to purchase home monitoring or ignition interlock devices, and pay a fee to reinstate your driver’s license. Your insurance premiums will become more costly after a DUI conviction, and you may also lose income if you had to take time off work.

A DUI can be a financial burden, especially if you are convicted in court. It is important to begin considering how you will pay for the fees associated with your DUI as soon as you are arrested. You may need to ask friends and family for financial assistance, borrow money against your assets, and investigate payment plans that might be available to you.