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  1. DUI in Oregon 11 years ago. I offered to arrange payments for fees, etc., but they refused.

    Asked in Pocatello, ID – 1 lawyer answer
  2. Will i still loose my license even though it's been 9 months since my dui arrest?

    Asked in Salina, KS – 3 lawyer answers
  3. I can not afford a attorney and I make too much money for a PD. I will plead guilty on my first DUI ( I had one in 1993}

    Asked in Thousand Oaks, CA – 5 lawyer answers
  4. Was in an accident (by self no others involved). I do not remember anything about it at all except waking up in hospital.

    Asked in Los Angeles, CA – 5 lawyer answers
  5. If my husband got a dwi, can I purchase a car in my name only and not have to put whiskey plates on it

    Asked in Saint Paul, MN – 6 lawyer answers
  6. What happens if I move to a different state before receiving a DUI in my current state?

    Asked in Oklahoma City, OK – 3 lawyer answers
  7. Missouri DUI Laws vs Oklahoma DUI Laws

    Asked in Oklahoma City, OK – 4 lawyer answers
  8. I already had an evaluation, is it possible to get a second one and use that recommendation instead?

    Asked in Bismarck, ND – 2 lawyer answers
  9. Will I get approved for an India tourist visa with one DUI conviction? Do I have to disclose in the criminal conviction section?

    Asked in Los Angeles, CA – 5 lawyer answers
  10. Can I go to jail on my second dwi e felony conviction?

    Asked in Fort Lee, NJ – 10 lawyer answers
  11. Do I have A chance to fight this violation?

    Asked in Culpeper, VA – 3 lawyer answers
  12. What are the interstate driving restrictions?

    Asked in Schenectady, NY – 4 lawyer answers
  13. Do I have a case against the city? Can this somehow be dropped?

    Asked in Columbus, WI – 4 lawyer answers
  14. Can you get charged with a DUI if you did not breath?

    Asked in Jacksonville, FL – 6 lawyer answers
  15. I was arrested for a dui but, charged with a careless driving, why do i still have to take dui school

    Asked in Riverview, FL – 5 lawyer answers
  16. If a person has had 2 DUI's within 3 weeks, what should happen?

    Asked in Mount Pleasant, TN – 3 lawyer answers
  17. I have had a trip booked out of country for pleasure for months and court date lands same day as departure? Thanks Scott

    Asked in Austin, TX – 4 lawyer answers
  18. What do I do if my license suspension is up and I have not received a court date from the courts for a DUI I received 08/23/2014

    Asked in Hesperia, CA – 5 lawyer answers
  19. Can i still be charged with a DUI if i was 10-15 feet away from my vehicle with the keys in my pocket?

    Asked in Tacoma, WA – 7 lawyer answers
  20. A tourist in America, arrested for DUI. I have a hearing coming up next month, however I am not in the US.

    Asked in San Francisco, CA – 9 lawyer answers

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