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  1. DUI in Oregon 11 years ago. I offered to arrange payments for fees, etc., but they refused.

    Asked in Pocatello, ID – 1 lawyer answer
  2. Hi i blew a .28 in everett, its my 1st DUI. have never been convicted of anything. what are my options,

    Asked in Everett, WA – 6 lawyer answers
  3. Received a DUI in Virginia and would like to obtain my license in Oregon.

    Asked in Portland, OR – 3 lawyer answers
  4. If charged with DUI 3 and 1st DUI was a few weeks away from dropping off record, could a lawyer help to reduce charge?

    Asked in Kansas City, MO – 2 lawyer answers
  5. If charged with a DUI 3, how important is it to hire a lawyer local to where you were arrested?

    Asked in Kansas City, MO – 4 lawyer answers
  6. Possible consequences for a failed diversion.

    Asked in Bend, OR – 3 lawyer answers
  7. If a DUI hearing is postponed for 6 1/2 years, is there any way to get it dropped. Lots of things change in a persons life.

    Asked in Charleston, WV – 2 lawyer answers
  8. 1ST DUI When is the right time to install interlock device.

    Asked in Cedar Rapids, IA – 2 lawyer answers
  9. I have a DWI from 7 years ago in the state of California, and I never went to court for it. Can I get a license in Indiana?

    Asked in Bloomington, IN – 2 lawyer answers
  10. 1st DUI is the time between when you give up your license(July 1st) and court date(Sept 1) count towards the 180 days?

    Asked in Des Moines, IA – 2 lawyer answers
  11. Is it legal to be pulled over and charged with any crime based on a third party tip.

    Asked in Cedar Rapids, IA – 3 lawyer answers
  12. I got a DUI in April and had my court date on 6/20. I plead guilty and took a lesser sentence for a suspended license.

    Asked in Albany, GA – 5 lawyer answers
  13. About 10 yrs ago, I got my 4th DUI and the judge suspended my license for 20 yrs.

    Asked in Holmdel, NJ – 10 lawyer answers
  14. I was 20 when I got a dui in Williamson Co. in 2003. Were the laws the same for a 20 yr old vs. adults back in 2003?

    Asked in Nashville, TN – 2 lawyer answers
  15. Can I ask for nondisclosure in two DUI ?

    Asked in San Antonio, TX – 5 lawyer answers
  16. Am I required to take the driving test over if i was convicted of reckless operation instead of a DUI?

    Asked in Cincinnati, OH – 3 lawyer answers
  17. How long are you required to stay in the drunk tank if breathalyzer results were .16,in TN?

    Asked in Tullahoma, TN – 4 lawyer answers
  18. My son got a dui on my atv. late last night the police seized it. and wont give it back i was unaware that he took it.

    Asked in Charleston, IL – 4 lawyer answers

    Asked in Los Angeles, CA – 7 lawyer answers
  20. I recently received a DUI (0.15), It will be a possibility to avoid the 5 days in jail?

    Asked in Christiansburg, VA – 6 lawyer answers

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