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  1. DUI in Oregon 11 years ago. I offered to arrange payments for fees, etc., but they refused.

    Asked in Pocatello, ID – 1 lawyer answer
  2. How can I get my reinstatement fees waived after getting a dui?

    Asked in Indianapolis, IN – 1 lawyer answer
  3. Have you ever heard of probation terms being reduced due to a family member’s illness?

    Asked in Birmingham, MI – 7 lawyer answers
  4. Been OVER 3yrs since my DUI & still NO trial. been flying in from CA 8 x's now! Finally got a trial date & appeared but DA cont!

    Asked in Scottsdale, AZ – 3 lawyer answers
  5. I'm a Oregon division until end of year about Interlock device

    Asked in Klamath Falls, OR – 3 lawyer answers
  6. If i have a DUI in MD, will my new license in NJ get suspended after 45 days?

    Asked in Trenton, NJ – 4 lawyer answers
  7. Is it possible for me to get a verbal warning from my probation officer for a 1st time violation?

    Asked in North Platte, NE – 3 lawyer answers
  8. The question about check box Comply with the "Supplemental Terms of Probation-Ignition Interlock Device" on Sentence Paper

    Asked in Los Angeles, CA – 6 lawyer answers
  9. I was arrested for a DUI in the state of WA. The charge was dropped and refiled as a neg 1. Will this affect entry to CA?

    Asked in Spokane, WA – 4 lawyer answers
  10. Auto Insurance Rate for DUI Supervision

    Asked in Elmhurst, IL – 4 lawyer answers
  11. Can someone live in a hotel while on house arrest?

    Asked in Camp Hill, PA – 4 lawyer answers
  12. Will I be drug tested during my final meeting for minimal risk supervision?

    Asked in Glenview, IL – 4 lawyer answers
  13. Can I be convicted of DUI as a passenger if vehicle was already stopped and me and the driver had already exited the vehicle

    Asked in Winchester, VA – 10 lawyer answers
  14. I was recently arrested for DUI in Georgia and am unsure if it is first offense or second offense.

    Asked in Cartersville, GA – 9 lawyer answers
  15. I have a DUI on my driving record from 10 ago

    Asked in East Providence, RI – 5 lawyer answers
  16. My son was pulled over by 4 police cars after he parked and was getting out of car with 2 friends. Police told him they saw him

    Asked in Homer, NY – 8 lawyer answers
  17. What is a likely sentence for a 4th degree dwi misdemeanor in Washington County, Minnesota.

    Asked in Saint Paul, MN – 4 lawyer answers
  18. Last week I was involved in a auto accident.

    Asked in Cottonwood, AZ – 4 lawyer answers
  19. What can I expect in court appearance for contempt charges

    Asked in Cullman, AL – 2 lawyer answers
  20. I was arrested for DUI in California June 2014, blew zero, but stilL arrested, they did not pursue the case but have a year

    Asked in Oxnard, CA – 10 lawyer answers

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