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  1. DUI in Oregon 11 years ago. I offered to arrange payments for fees, etc., but they refused.

    Asked in Pocatello, ID – 1 lawyer answer
  2. I just found out that I was charged with a DUI. At the time of arrest I had a blood test done. I was released after a,few,hours.

    Asked in Turlock, CA – 6 lawyer answers
  3. I received a DUI 3 yrs ago and hired an attorney to represent me in court. Paid all fines and took classes as required.

    Asked in Rochester, MN – 3 lawyer answers
  4. Arrested for DWI.. Is police officer going to notify about that to my job ?

    Asked in Pearl City, HI – 3 lawyer answers
  5. How can I attend a DWI education class when I work all of the time?

    Asked in Gilmer, TX – 5 lawyer answers
  6. Will be vacationing in Arizona for three days and have interlock in my car from California DUI. Can I rent a car there?

    Asked in Santa Rosa, CA – 6 lawyer answers
  7. Is it better to get a local attorney to defend me on my DUI charge, since it was in Lawrence County?

    Asked in Lawrenceburg, TN – 5 lawyer answers
  8. Will this effect my visa request ?

    Asked in Tulsa, OK – 4 lawyer answers
  9. I got arrested for a simple DUI but I'm planning to apply a citizenship ..

    Asked in Ewa Beach, HI – 4 lawyer answers
  10. If cops show up on a report of dui and say car was still warm, and video can put you at store buying beer.

    Asked in Alma, MI – 3 lawyer answers
  11. How can I get the keys to my apartment back from my girlfriend who is a n alcoholic and refuses to seek treatment?

    Asked in Boulder, CO – 3 lawyer answers
  12. I recently got a DUI while on leave from the Air Force, I have nothing on my record. Whats the chances I can get it reduced?

    Asked in Olympia, WA – 5 lawyer answers
  13. Can I receive my social work license in the state of Texas with a DWI?

    Asked in Lubbock, TX – 3 lawyer answers
  14. How do I know if I am getting charged with a dwi

    Asked in Murrysville, PA – 4 lawyer answers
  15. 2nd dui in ga. in dec.2011 have completed all requirement by the state and my question do I still need courts permission for lp

    Asked in Bainbridge, GA – 3 lawyer answers
  16. I was arrested for dui of controlled substance, but my blood tests showed 0 for anything.

    Asked in San Francisco, CA – 4 lawyer answers
  17. I took a blood alcohol test which came out a .22 There was no way I drank that much. Can blood tests be wrong?

    Asked in Redlands, CA – 7 lawyer answers
  18. I received a DUI, but I was not actually driving the car. Is this legal?

    Asked in Los Angeles, CA – 10 lawyer answers
  19. Is she breaking the law if she allows her separated husband (DUI convicted/probation) to trade vehicles to go out drinking?

    Asked in Dallas, TX – 3 lawyer answers
  20. I got a piece of paper sign by a judge saying that my charges are drop but the da is trying to recharge me can they do that?

    Asked in Fort Bragg, NC – 3 lawyer answers

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