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  1. Can someone get a divorce in Texas if they are a current resident there and they got married in North Carolina?

    Asked in Harker Heights, TX – 3 lawyer answers
  2. If I refinance my home in my name but not deed is it wise before divorce?

    Asked in Saint Augustine, FL – 3 lawyer answers
  3. Am I able to have a divorce granted if my spouse won't sign by serving him and filing in 30 days ? No children.

    Asked in Powder Springs, GA – 4 lawyer answers
  4. I am getting a divorce and my Husband's lawyer told him that she cannot speak to me. I need to ask her a question.

    Asked in Fort Lauderdale, FL – 3 lawyer answers
  5. I am going through a divorce she has opened 10 lines of credit in my name in 7 years 2 which were before marriage.

    Asked in Rockford, IL – 4 lawyer answers

    Asked in Ellicott City, MD – 4 lawyer answers
  7. Is my actual date of divorce the day in which the documents were submitted to the judge or the date the decision was granted?

    Asked in Islip, NY – 4 lawyer answers
  8. I am low-in.come and I married in about 1991 and want to divorce

    Asked in Boston, MA – 2 lawyer answers
  9. If the waiting period had been waived to get remarried can I get married the day my divorce is final?

    Asked in Saint Louis, MO – 2 lawyer answers
  10. When does the 30 days end to file the FL-120 that I received in the mail? See details

    Asked in Pleasanton, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  11. Do I need to file an amended paperwork with update information?

    Asked in Temecula, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  12. What state do I file for divorce?, What are other methods of serving besides in person in New York State that are acceptable?

    Asked in New York, NY – 4 lawyer answers
  13. Husband threatens to have my va compensation terminated can he do that?

    Asked in Sumter, SC – 2 lawyer answers
  14. I got fl-165 but I will be moving to another location, will that affect my divorce case?

    Asked in Tarzana, CA – 2 lawyer answers
  15. When will my divorce be granted?

    Asked in Shamokin, PA – 3 lawyer answers
  16. What is a "final draft" of petition for dissolution of marriage?

    Asked in Bartlett, IL – 7 lawyer answers
  17. What should I do or expect? How long I have to respond

    Asked in Van Nuys, CA – 3 lawyer answers
  18. I need the final decision for my divorce

    Asked in Bronx, NY – 6 lawyer answers
  19. Can a Marital Settlement Agreement be vacated after it is signed and the divorce has been finalized?

    Asked in Tallahassee, FL – 4 lawyer answers
  20. My husband has threaten to seek alimony from me if I divorce him. He is a drug addict and alcohol abuser. I am afraid of him.

    Asked in Long Island City, NY – 4 lawyer answers

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