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  1. Can someone get a divorce in Texas if they are a current resident there and they got married in North Carolina?

    Asked in Harker Heights, TX – 3 lawyer answers
  2. If I refinance my home in my name but not deed is it wise before divorce?

    Asked in Saint Augustine, FL – 3 lawyer answers
  3. Am I able to have a divorce granted if my spouse won't sign by serving him and filing in 30 days ? No children.

    Asked in Powder Springs, GA – 4 lawyer answers
  4. I am getting a divorce and my Husband's lawyer told him that she cannot speak to me. I need to ask her a question.

    Asked in Fort Lauderdale, FL – 3 lawyer answers
  5. I am going through a divorce she has opened 10 lines of credit in my name in 7 years 2 which were before marriage.

    Asked in Rockford, IL – 4 lawyer answers

    Asked in Ellicott City, MD – 4 lawyer answers
  7. Is my actual date of divorce the day in which the documents were submitted to the judge or the date the decision was granted?

    Asked in Islip, NY – 4 lawyer answers
  8. I am low-in.come and I married in about 1991 and want to divorce

    Asked in Boston, MA – 2 lawyer answers
  9. Can my divorce be finalized if I become pregnant?

    Asked in Houston, TX – 3 lawyer answers
  10. What does the law consider marital abandonment?

    Asked in Philadelphia, PA – 1 lawyer answer
  11. She left over a year ago, can I file for divorce on desertion grounds and if so will that nullify "equitable division"?

    Asked in Ocala, FL – 1 lawyer answer
  12. Unfair Divorce? Do I have any recourse?

    Asked in Lexington, KY – 1 lawyer answer
  13. In new jersey, can retroactive child support arrears be sought prior to the service of the complaint?

    Asked in Mendham, NJ – 3 lawyer answers
  14. Childless Divorce, 5yr marriage, 10yr together.

    Asked in Chicago, IL – 2 lawyer answers
  15. My husband has moved $ from out retirement account to his personal account. I have no access to this $. What is the law?

    Asked in Vancouver, WA – 1 lawyer answer
  16. Husband says he filed divorce papers, I have not been served. Can I file for divorce and have him served and be the petitioner?

    Asked in Coldspring, TX – 2 lawyer answers
  17. Us spouse file for divorce from alien abusive husband, alien husband refuse to sing divorce papers.

    Asked in Pennsylvania – 1 lawyer answer
  18. What can I do about fraud, against Polish ex wife, married 17 yrs, daughter 16 yrs with me, she has my pension and maintenance.

    Asked in Elgin, IL – 1 lawyer answer
  19. When your spouse is deported how do you go about getting a divorce?

    Asked in Sterling, VA – 1 lawyer answer
  20. What are the odds of joint custody in MD?

    Asked in Annapolis, MD – 1 lawyer answer

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