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  1. Alviso Telecommunications Law Attorney Sunil Sean Wani

    Sunil Wani

    Mountain View, CA Telecommunications Law Attorney
    Licensed for 20 years


  2. Alviso Telecommunications Law Attorney Cassandra Turner Swain

    Cassandra Swain

    Santa Clara, CA Telecommunications Law Attorney
    Licensed for 10 years
    Not yet reviewed

  3. Alviso Telecommunications Law Attorney Bradley John Bereznak

    Bradley Bereznak

    Sunnyvale, CA Telecommunications Law Attorney
    Licensed for 26 years
    Not yet reviewed


Telecommunications law applies to companies providing network systems for people to transmit information using analog or digital signals. The telecommunications industry includes telephone, radio, television, computer networks, and Internet service providers. Unlike communications/media laws that regulate content, telecommunications law regulates the technology itself, the physical structures such as satellites, and the nature of the transmissions that are sent. For example, a telecommunications attorney will know if a phone company can put a cell phone tower in your neighborhood. A telecommunications lawyer would also handle matters like rate disputes and transmission limitations for a telecommunications business.