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  1. Dalton Tax Lawyer Michael Shane Lovingood

    Michael Lovingood

    Mr. Lovingood focuses his practice on Tax Law and Asset Protection. He specializes in income, estate, and gift taxes; creating structures to protect assets for the benefit of family... more
    Licensed for 26 years - $310-$350/hour



Tax attorneys understand the interplay of different tax laws and regulations, and in planning strategies to minimize people's tax liabilities. Many tax laws are written by lawyers for lawyers, and as such are very difficult to understand. There are also many different types of taxes and tax laws–for example, income taxes, corporate and business taxes, death taxes, property taxes, estate and gift taxes, sales taxes, and international taxes. Sometimes taxes are based on an inflated or incorrect value the government has placed on an entity or activity. Tax attorneys will help you challenge the value or the tax itself, and help you reduce your taxes through careful planning.