Claim the profiles of every attorney in your firm

3 simple, free steps to claiming lawyer profiles for your entire firm.

Who can claim

One attorney or other person in your firm can complete the request by following the 3 steps below. Often this is done by a senior assistant, marketing contact, or office manager. This person is then responsible for managing the claim process within your firm.

How to request a firm claim

1. Download and fill out the firm claim authorization letter

2. Download and fill out this Excel spreadsheet. We will need this information for each attorney:

  • First name
  • Middle name or initial
  • Last name
  • Email address (used to sign in)
  • Office zip code

3. Email the completed authorization letter and Excel spreadsheet to our Firm Claim Team. If necessary, you can fax the authorization letter to (206) 340-6040.

What happens after the request

Please allow 2 business days for Avvo to complete the firm claim process. Once complete, we’ll email you an updated Excel spreadsheet containing links and sign-in credentials for each attorneys’ profile.

Managing attorney profiles

Each claimed profile will have unique sign-in credentials—the attorney’s email address and a password. We do not have the ability to create one master login for multiple profiles. You can have one person update and manage all the profiles, or ask individual attorneys to fill in their own information.

Read: How to edit a profile.

Participating law firms

Over 700 firms have already claimed their attorneys’ profiles, including: