How Do I Get Started?

Setting Up Your Account

All you need to begin with Avvo Advisor is a mobile phone and a bank account. You must be able to send and receive SMS text messages as this is how Avvo notifies attorneys of available sessions. Payment will be deposited directly into the bank account specified at sign-up.

Setting Your Availability

When you’re ready to receive notifications for available sessions, you can enable notifications on your attorney dashboard on or instantly via your mobile phone. To set your availability over SMS, text “start” or “stop” to the Avvo Advisor number to which you confirmed your own mobile number. Please remember that setting your status to “available” means that you will receive SMS text messages from Avvo about consultation requests, regardless of the time of day. When you are unavailable, please make yourself “unavailable” so that you do not receive unwanted text messages.

Claiming a Session and Responding to Client Requests

When someone purchases an Avvo Advisor session, Avvo notifies all available attorneys in the relevant practice area and state. Sessions are assigned on a first come/first served basis after the notification has been sent--the first attorney to respond to the text claims that session and is expected to call the client within 15 minutes. We suggest setting your availability to times when you know you will be available to make calls in a quiet, private location. If you cannot call within the 15 minute window, please do not claim the session. Attorneys who claim, but do not call, will be penalized as outlined in our Refund & Removal Policy.


After providing your bank account information at sign-up, no further action is necessary to receive payment. Avvo will automatically deposit the client’s full payment into your account after they submit a 4+ star review, or after 5 days have passed and no refund has been requested. Once Avvo begins charging for the Advisor program, we will do so with a separate marketing fee. The entire fee for services paid by the client will be passed through to the attorney, thus avoiding any fee-splitting concerns.