Avvo Advisor FAQs

Where/when can I meet with clients?

You may accept Avvo Advisor consultation requests anywhere and anytime that fits your schedule. Most attorneys opt to hold phone consultations from their home or office. We suggest setting your availability to times when you know you will be available to make calls in a quiet, private location.

What type of questions will I get?

Many of the questions coming through Avvo Advisor have been related to reviewing contracts, identifying whether a situation should require counsel, or if the situation can be handled out of court.

What if I can’t answer the legal question?

You are welcome to take a few minutes to research the question to better help the client’s needs, but remember to call back within 15 minutes if you place them on hold or communicate that you are looking into the specifics of their issue. If you are unable to answer their question, politely let the client know and email us at advisor@avvo.com so we may process a refund or direct the client to another suitable attorney.

Can I refer clients to my private practice for further consultation?

Avvo encourages attorneys to continue professional contact with a client if the client has ongoing needs and wishes to keep working with you. However, Avvo Advisor sessions are not meant to be sales pitches. Clients have paid for your time and expect straightforward, sound legal advice.

Who pays the attorneys?

After a client’s payment has been authorized, Avvo holds the fee in escrow until the end of the session. We will immediately deposit payment after the client submits a 4+ star review, or after 5 days have passed and no refund has been requested.

Will clients receive my cell phone number?

Avvo does not share attorney phone numbers through the Advisor service. Clients may see attorney phone numbers if they have Caller ID enabled on their own phone. If you are concerned that a client may see your cell number, be sure to use your business phone when placing the call to the client.

How do reviews on Avvo Advisor affect my Avvo.com rating?

Currently, reviews on Avvo Advisor do not impact your Avvo.com profile, though these ratings may be integrated in the future.