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  1. Peoria Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Sam Igwe

    Sun City, AZ Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer
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  2. Peoria Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Chase W. Rasmussen

    Born and raised in Arizona, Chase Rasmussen serves those in his community injured by the negligence of others. He is fluent in Spanish and represents many Spanish-speaking clients.... more
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Peoria, AZ

Slip and Fall Accident

If you slip and fall on ice cubes from a spilled drink in a restaurant and break your leg, you may require the services of a slip and fall lawyer. Slip and fall accident injuries are usually the result of someone else's carelessness, mistake, or failure to act. In the example above, the restaurant servers should have cleaned up the mess to prevent the accident. A slip and fall accident lawyer will know who to contact and how to negotiate to recover money for your medical expenses, any lost wages, and your pain and suffering.