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  1. Boca Raton Sexual Harassment Attorney William Michael Julien Jr.

    William Julien

    Florida employment lawyer William M. Julien has focused on employment law issues since 1994. He opened his own law firm to protect employees' rights in 2002.
    Licensed for 21 years


  2. Boca Raton Sexual Harassment Attorney Peter Robert Ulanowicz

    Peter Ulanowicz

    Boca Raton, FL Sexual Harassment Attorney
    Licensed for 10 years
    Not yet reviewed


  3. Boca Raton Sexual Harassment Attorney Christopher Charles Sharp

    Christopher Sharp Pro

    Over 20 years experience protecting the rights of government and private sector employees
    Licensed for 21 years - $250-$375/hour



Sexual Harassment

If another person has made you feel unsafe or uncomfortable because they've acted in a sexual way in your presence, then you may benefit from the services of a sexual harassment attorney. Sexual harassment can take place anywhere: in public, at school, at work, or even at home. For example, you may feel you were fired for refusing to go on a date with your boss, or had a teacher or manager touch you inappropriately at school or work. Sexual harassment attorneys can help you understand your rights as well as what actions you can take in these situations.