Consumer Protection Attorneys

Why hire a Consumer Protection attorney?

If you believe you have been the target of fraud or if you have been accused of fraud, a fraud attorney can clear your name and return you to good standing. A lawyer who has experience with fraud can help you through a wide range of cases, from unintentionally filing a false tax return to someone stealing your credit card.

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Did You Know?

Identity theft is the top consumer complaint in America, with 12.6 million instances of fraud last year. If you suspect your identity has been stolen, contact a fraud attorney right away to salvage your finances and reputation.
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Computer fraud@2x

Computer Fraud

If a thief uses your computer to commit a crime without your knowledge, you may need to call a computer fraud attorney. When an unauthorized individual gains access to your computer and stops it from working properly or uses it to steal your information, then you have been targeted for cybercrime. A thief may use your computer for theft, blackmail, forgery, or embezzlement and a computer fraud lawyer will be able to protect you from further victimization.

Credit card fraud@2x

Credit Card Fraud

If someone uses your credit card without your consent then you may want to engage the services of a credit card fraud lawyer. An experienced attorney can not only help limit your responsibility for the purchases made without your knowledge, but can also sue the individual that uses your credit card.

Identity theft@2x

Identity Theft

If you have become a victim of identity theft, an identity theft attorney will help you through the process of filing police reports, pursuing civil action, and working with creditors to clear your name. An identity theft lawyer will help you with the legal and financial complications of identity theft. Your attorney will take many approaches to get you back to good standing, including disputing fraudulent activity and pursuing law enforcement to take criminal action against the thieves.

Tax fraud tax evasion@2x

Tax Fraud

You will need a competent tax fraud attorney if the IRS is investigating you for tax fraud or tax evasion. The tax penalties and prison time can be substantial. A specialized law firm can challenge allegations of failing to file returns, hiding assets, or exaggerating deductions. With a tax fraud attorney, you have a much better chance to keep your freedom and your hard-earned property.