Real Estate Lawyers

Why hire a Real Estate attorney?

A real estate attorney can stop or mitigate a foreclosure, defend you if a real estate transaction goes wrong, or represent you as a tenant or as a landlord in cases of property damage. Whether for construction, a land-use project, or buying a home, a lawyer can negotiate your contract for you and protect your rights as a property owner.

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Did You Know?

Short sale disputes were named the No.1 legal issue in real estate. Because bank owned properties often sell as-is, you will not get disclosure about property problems and should have solid legal representation before purchasing.
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View Attorneys with experience in related areas

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A commercial real estate attorney will assist you in negotiating the terms of a lease or the purchasing of an office, retail, or warehouse space, while also making sure you are legally protected. When renting or purchasing a space, the lawyer will help you comply with landlord/tenant law, handle common new construction disputes and claims, resolve disputes over zoning and land use, and minimize tax issues.

Construction development@2x 42a7ab9db3ffbdd9c6823d481b82da6b486b41f7b8ea3932f971a71e2844a19d


A construction/development law firm will assist with big development projects and the many parts involved, including the different parties, regulations, and permits. These attorneys will ensure developers have met the necessary requirements, including submitting an environmental impact statement, holding public hearings, and obtaining local government agency approval.

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Land Use & Zoning

Whether you are seeking to comply with land use laws and zoning regulations or are facing a lawsuit, a land use/zoning attorney will help you understand the rules that apply to your property and development plans and support your project to completion. Homeowners and businesses may also qualify for exceptions to these laws and should consult a land use/zoning attorney for the facts.

Residential@2x 12afa8ab4ea83bf1b98d1a753fdd4c3a6010a85e3def136c2adaf8796c828b2c


As a homeowner, you want to protect one of your biggest investments. Residential real estate lawyers will protect your rights and prepare documents that will help you resolve disputes with a home buyer or seller, legal issues with real estate agents and brokers, and debt issues with lending banks.