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  1. Heath Probate Attorney Charles Halle McClenaghan

    Charles McClenaghan

    The focus of my law practice to help my clients achieve their dreams and goals. I help clients in three main areas; Estate Planning- Most of us work hard all of our lives to provide a... more
    Licensed for 36 years


  2. Heath Probate Attorney Robert Bruce Handelman

    Robert Handelman Pro

    At Handelman Law Office, we are a “local office serving local clients." We pride ourselves on having
    Licensed for 39 years


  3. Heath Probate Attorney Justin Randall Lodge

    Justin Lodge

    JustinLodge is a Granville, Ohionative and has been with the firm of Reese, Pyle, Drake Meyer, P.L.L. since 2006. He earned his law degree, cum laude, from The Ohio State University... more
    Licensed for 9 years
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  4. Heath Probate Attorney Michael Howard Whitehead

    Michael Whitehead

    Newark, OH Probate Attorney
    Licensed for 15 years
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Probate is the legal process used to carry out a person's will after their death; a probate attorney advises you on how to perform the steps in the process. In general, once you have identified and collected the dead person's belongings, including their money, property, and other assets, you pay the person's debts and taxes. Once all debts have been paid, you distribute their money and property according to the language of the will. If there is no will, the laws of the state where the dead person lived control how the property is distributed. A probate attorney helps you plan what happens to your property when you die, as they can probate wills and act as your probate court estate representative. A probate attorney also represents family members and beneficiaries wishing to challenge wills.