Probate Lawyers

Why hire a Probate attorney?

A probate attorney will help you plan the distribution of a person's property and money after death. The services a probate attorney provides include determining how assets will be distributed, payment of debts and taxes according to the will, filing necessary motions, and making arguments in court should the will be contested. The cost of hiring a probate lawyer is usually paid by estate assets before inheritors receive anything.

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Did You Know?

A probate attorney's fees for a typical, uncomplicated estate with a gross value of $400,000 can amount to $20,000 or more.
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Estate Planning

The benefit of having an estate planning attorney is that you will maximize your estate’s value by minimizing taxes and eliminating court costs. During your lifetime, an estate planning attorney will help you protect your estate with written documents that put you in control of transferring your property and money to your children, charities, or in any way you wish.

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A trust attorney reviews your reasons for establishing a trust and ensures that your trust is legally valid. If in your lifetime you become incapable of managing your property, you will want a trust attorney to help you choose a trustee so that the court does not do it for you. This way you will be the one to define the scope of your trustee’s power and ensure that your goals and wishes are carried out in regards to your property.

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Having a wills attorney can be beneficial when deciding on who will have control over your estate once you pass away or should you become incapable of making decisions. A wills attorney can either draft you a living will to dictate your wishes about medical life support or complete a will for bestowing your assets after death. Because this document must meet all legal requirements, working with an experienced wills lawyer will ensure that it fulfills these conditions.

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Lawsuits can be time consuming and costly. There are several other processes to resolve disputes that the law provides which could offer you a unique advantage. Seek a lawyer specializing in disputes who can review your paperwork, check your claims for a case, and tell you the best method to serve your needs and budget. Filing a lawsuit and proceeding to litigation is not necessarily your only option.