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  1. American Fork Mergers / Acquisitions Attorney Seth S. Gomm

    Seth Gomm

    Mr. Gommworks on a range of matters and transactions including strategic alliances... more
    Licensed for 6 years - $175-$209/hour


  2. American Fork Mergers / Acquisitions Attorney Gordon Oscar Jesperson

    Gordon Jesperson

    Cedar Hills, UT Mergers / Acquisitions Attorney
    Licensed for 10 years
    Not yet reviewed


Mergers / Acquisitions

Mergers / acquisitions lawyers help businesses buy other companies, or merge with them to become a single company. For example, America Online and Time Warner merged in 2000 to form AOL Time Warner. There are many reasons companies mergeā€“for example, corporate strategy and finance, economies of scale, increased revenue or market share, and cross-selling opportunities. Mergers and acquisitions attorneys understand business law, are often trained negotiators, and will be able to draft detailed agreements describing the new relationship.