Mediation Attorneys

Why hire a Mediation attorney?

A trained mediation lawyer will help you negotiate your dispute until you and the other party reach an agreement together. Mediation allows for a process with a quicker and more flexible schedule, is often the least expensive legal option available, and allows you to have more input over the outcome of your case. Contact a mediation lawyer or a mediator if you have a disagreement that you need resolved without the cost and hassle of going to trial.

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Did You Know?

Choosing mediation over going to trial can save you anywhere from 30-90% in the legal fees necessary for resolving your case.
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Lawsuits & Disputes

If you find yourself in a dispute that may require legal intercession or even a lawsuit, you will want to employ the services of a lawyer specializing in disputes. An attorney can review your paperwork and narrow down the best method of adjudication or negotiation to serve your needs and finances. Whether you need mediation or arbitration, a lawyer trained in disputes will know the best way to resolve your dilemma.



Appellate attorneys are specially trained in arguing appeals. If you choose to appeal the decision of a lawsuit you filed and lost, an appellate lawyer will explain to the appeals court why the trial court made errors and should reverse the decision. Whether you are appealing the outcome of a trial court or arguing against another person’s appeal, your appellate attorney will fight for you and make sure you do not lose the appeal based on a technicality.



An arbitration lawyer will aid you in settling a dispute without going to court, in the end usually saving you time, money, and the inconvenience of litigation. You will want to employ an arbitration attorney if you and the opposing person want a neutral third person to serve as arbitrator. The benefit of hiring an arbitration attorney is that it is more casual than court litigation, more flexible, and private, allowing you to tell your story in your own words.



A litigation lawyer will be your best asset if you have issues with someone and you want to sue. Litigation attorneys understand the entire legal process, specializing in litigation, and know the ins and outs of the courtroom. If you need to know if your case warrants a lawsuit, or whether you can go through mediation or arbitration, contact a litigation lawyer for analysis of your issue and to find out more about the correct application of the law.