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  1. Colleyville Marriage / Prenuptials Lawyer Andrew J. Anderson

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  2. Colleyville Marriage / Prenuptials Lawyer Donald Edward Teller Jr.

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Marriage / Prenuptials

When you marry, you enter a relationship contract with your spouse that entitles you as a couple to certain legal rights and responsibilities. Family lawyers specializing in marriage can write prenuptial agreements for a couple before marriage. A prenuptial agreement can be especially important if you have financial interests you've accrued earlier in life and wish to clarify how they will or won't be shared with your new spouse. A written prenuptial agreement sets out the financial expectations of your marriage and anticipates what will happen to your assets should you divorce. The process for creating an airtight prenuptial agreement can be complicated, and a lawyer with a marriage and prenuptial practice can make sure the agreement is properly written.