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  1. Cuyahoga Falls Limited Liability Company (LLC) Lawyer Yong-Chang Tang

    Yong-Chang Tang

    John Tang is an attorney with the business law firm of Brennan, Manna Diamond, with... more
    Licensed for 7 years - $150-$185/hour
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  2. Cuyahoga Falls Limited Liability Company (LLC) Lawyer Donald Scott Plum

    Donald Plum

    Akron, OH Limited Liability Company (LLC) Lawyer
    Licensed for 26 years
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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Creating a limited liability company, or LLC, is one of several ways to structure a business. The other choices are general, limited, or limited liability partnerships. A shareholder in an LLC is not personally liable for any of the debts of the company, other than for the money they invested in that company. In a general partnership, all partners manage the business and are personally liable for its debts. In limited partnerships, partners' liability is limited and they have no voice in the decision-making. And in a limited liability partnership (LLP), all partners have some degree of limited liability. A lawyer with LLC experience can help you determine if forming an LLC is advantageous and appropriate for your business. If you decide to form an LLC, the attorney can draft the paperwork you need to formalize your choice, including provisions for management, ownership transfers, and profit and loss distributions.