Licensing Lawyers

Why hire a Licensing attorney?

A licensing attorney can create the legal framework to protect your ownership of your patent, trademark, or copyright. Intellectual property licensing lawyers create licensing contracts for individuals or businesses that have created original works, and they will help maximize the revenue gained from licensing these products. These attorneys can also help you defend allegations of copyright infringement and the subsequent litigation.

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Did You Know?

The top 5 receiving offices for patent applications in 2010 are as follows: 1. United States 2. China 3. Japan 4. Republic of Korea 5. European Patent Office
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An attorney specializing in business law represents corporations, LLCs, or non-profits. The resources business lawyers can provide include helping you form your business and taking steps to protect your company from future liability and disputes. Whether you have questions about a clause, concerns about the fine print in a commercial lease, or need to negotiate contracts, a business attorney will help you through your specific legal situation.

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A contract lawyer specializes in writing contracts and agreements. If you have questions about an agreement, consult with a contract attorney who can answer questions about terms and conditions of a contract. A contract lawyer will also draft your legal document so that it holds up in court and addresses all legal matters pertaining to your business. Documents you can get help with include purchase agreements, vendor agreements, and employment agreements.

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State and local law attorneys specialize in a particular area of state or local government regulation. If you need counsel on land use, city planning, or city rules and regulations, call on a lawyer who has expertise in these areas. Many state and local law attorneys are former government agency employees and will know the best contacts for each case and the approach to take for negotiating with local law officials.

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Intellectual Property

If you have created a piece of artwork, designed a computer program, or invented a new app, you may also need the services of an intellectual property lawyer. Your ideas are your own and an intellectual property attorney will work to protect your ideas, images, or processes from being misused. By working with an intellectual property attorney, you can get your logo trademarked, invention patented, and ideas copyrighted so that you can monetize your work.