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  1. Fresno Libel / Slander Lawyer Kevin Michael Schwin

    Kevin Schwin

    In my spare time, I enjoy golfing, skiing, traveling and playing cards. In high school, I spent a year in Italy as a foreign exchange student. I am fluent in Italian and proficient in... more
    Licensed for 7 years - $185-$350/hour


  2. Fresno Libel / Slander Lawyer William Grant Smith

    William Smith

    Fresno, CA Libel / Slander Lawyer
    Licensed for 32 years
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Libel & Slander

Libel and slander are forms of “defamation.” Defamation is when someone intentionally lies about you and harms your reputation. Libel is written defamation and slander is spoken defamation. Lawyers who handle libel lawsuits and slander lawsuits know how to spot lies, and know the information you will need to prove the liar intended to hurt you. While our freedom of speech rights can make defamation difficult to prove, libel and slander lawyers can help you with these cases. They can also defend you if you've been wrongfully accused of lying about someone.