How to Prepare for Your Traffic Court Appearance in New York City and Suffolk County New York

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Upon Arrival

DMV TVB is not a criminal court. The rules are not like the rules of evidence seen on TV shows. You will go to a window or be directed to a "courtroom" that has only a judge's bench with two computers on it. You check in with the clerk. Your case will be called in the order you arrive and when the Police officer in your case arrives.


What you need to bring

Be prepared to go to trial right then and there. If the ticketing officer is not there, the court will grant the state an adjournment if he misses two times and if the ticket is not for a major violation the court may dismiss. To be prepared for trial, bring all your witnesses and any proof you may have. Be prepared to examine the officer and ask questions of him. Do not try to be Perry Mason. It is highly unlikely the officer will break down on the stand and admit that the ticket was given in error.


What if you need to adjourn the proceeding.

It is best to do it before it is scheduled however if you must do it on the same day, go or send someone to the court to explain the need for the adjournment and you will usually get the courtesy the first time. Thereafter you maybe asked to put up a bond so that if you fail to show up for your hearing it the court may take the fine from that amount. You will still have to face the court when it catches up to you


Prepared for court

Be well dressed. Button down shirt clean full length pants. Do not be there in a shirt that says "Built for speed" or other nonsense. You want to convince the court you are not a danger on the road. Nothing says danger more than your Ozzie Osborn concert Tee shirt.



If you lose, you may pay your fine with a credit card or with cash. Most DMV's do not accept personal checks

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