How to Prepare for Your Traffic Court Appearance in Nassau County New York

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Where is the court

If you are charged with a traffic violations that is not a crime, you will go to the Nassau County TVPB. It is located at 16 Cooper Street Hempstead NY. Finding this can be tricky. Go to the Corner of Hempstead Turnpike (Fulton Ave) and Helen Keller Way. Turn down Helen Keller Way and make a left onto Cooper street. There is a parking garage located in the center of the circular road way.


Once you have entered TVPB

Assuming you have answered your ticket by mail, when you arrive go directly to the window or list and find out what court room your case is in. Remember that you should arrive early because you can and will want to speak to the prosecutor about a plea bargain to save yourself time and assure yourself an outcome.


Dealing with the prosecutor

Nassau TVPB is different than most NYS TVBs because there are prosecutors there and the judges are "real Judges" they have served on as an elected judge in the county. Plea bargains may be struck with the prosecutor. The prosecutors technically have an unfettered right to deal the case as they wish but the judge must accept the plea bargain. Hence there are guidelines that are internal that the prosecutor must follow. It would do you well to be realistic in your plea bargain requests. A 30mph over the speed limit is not going to be reduced to a non moving violation.


If you cannot plea bargain your case

If you cannot plea bargain your case, be prepared to go to trial. Nassau TVPB is a good court to have a lawyer in. The Rules of Evidence are followed & there is an efficacy to having a trained advocate to work on your behalf. The result will be better That said, if you still wish to go it alone bring your evidence and witnesses with you. The Cop in your case will go first. The prosecutor will examine him and then you may cross-examine him. Do not expect a Perry Mason moment. He is not going to tearfully admit he gave you the summons in error. After the cop, the Prosecutor will call any other witnesses he sees fit to call and the same Direct/Cross procedure will take place. After the Prosecution rests (finishes calling witnesses) then you will go and do the same thing. If you testify yourself, you will testify in a narrative. there will be no reason to ask yourself questions. After you rest, the court will give a ruling. If you are found guilty, the court will set a fine


What if I cannot afford my Fine

The court will give you time to pay the fine. If you still cannot afford the fine you must apply for more time at least a week before the fine is do by going to the court and requesting more time to pay. If the court believes you need the time it may grant it. Remember if you are assessed more than 6 points on your license you will have additional penalties levied against you by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. (DMV).


How do I appeal

You may appeal a decision of this court. Rules and procedures will be available to you at the traffic court clerks window in the courthouse at 16 Cooper Street.

Additional Resources

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