Missing the Date

You have missed your court date in District Court. The judge will enter in a Called and Failed. This means, as it says, you have failed to appear in court on your scheduled day.


Motion for a New Court Date

You may ask the court for a new court date within 20 days of your original date. This is done by filling out a form in the Clerk of Court's office. You state your original court date, your offense, and why you missed that date. If it is a good reason, a judge will grant a new date and you will be notified by mail.


VL Status

If your case is "old," it may going into what is VL status. In this circumstance, you appear in VL Court on a weekday which is designated for defendant walk-ins. (Some dates are attorney only). You must plead guilty or in some other way have your case disposed of that day (plea bargain, prayer for judgment, pay fine). Do not expect a trial. Once your case is disposed of, any arrest warrants will be struck.