You cannot afford to try your Virginia Reckless Driving by speed charge without a qualified Lawyer

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How to choose a Reckless Driving by Speed Lawyer in Virginia?

Reckless Driving by Speed in Virginia is a big deal and that it is too serious to represent yourself. Here are the questions to ask a possible Lawyer:


How many years have you been in practice?

Find out what he or she has been doing and how long? Obviously an attorney who has been representing people on reckless driving by speed charges for over 25 years is probably better than someone with much less experience.


How much experience do you have representing persons who are charged with Reckless Driving by Speed?

An attorney who has represented hundreds or thousands of persons for this offense is well aware of what is necessary to get the charge reduced or dismissed. Such an attorney is also aware of the personality and requirements of the different Judges in his jurisdictions.


Who in the office will actually handle the case?

In some firms the senior lawyer takes in the case and then hands it off to a junior associate. This may be a good business model for the lawyers but it does not have the experienced Lawyer you hired handling your case. Find out who is taking the case to Court. Make sure it is the senior Lawyer.


Have you ever been disciplined by the State Bar?

You do not want a Lawyer who has been in trouble handling your case.


What are all the potential legal costs including investigators, experts and the like?

The Lawyer should give you a contract setting out these costs. A contract saves a lot of confusion about who pays for what.


What challenges do you see in my case?

The Lawyer should be able to tell you what problems are in the case and how they may affect the ultimate outcome in the jurisdiction where your case is being heard.


What will be the final outcome of my case?

A good attorney will never promise an outcome because he does not control the Court. A good lawyer can only promise to do his best in representing you.

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