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Wrongful termination

Posted by attorney Mitchell Feldman

Wrongful termination is a not itself a legal cause of action to file a lawsuit against an employer related to losing your job. Employees that disagree with the reasons for termination do not typically have a right to file a law suit related to the decision, as employees at will, or also known as right to work state, a private employer can termiante an employee for any reason as long as it does not violate any specific law, statute or regulation. While the decision may not be fair, such defenses may be applicable in unemployment wage claims and hearings if your employer challenges the claim for unemployment benefits due to misconduct or termination for cause.

Most of the time, an employee does not know the all the reasons or the real reason for the termination, and therefore, it is suggested that if you are terminated and cannot identify anything in your opinion that was the basis for the termination related to misconduct on your part or some very poor job performance, we suggest you consult with an employment attorney. The termination may be in violation of one or more federal or state statues, and prohibited retaliation.

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