Tracking how information was released

Generally the newspapers and media sources claim first amendment privilege in these instances. They are simply disseminating the information given to them by law enforcement. Therefore it is important to determine who was responsible for releasing this information. In most cases it is determined they got the information from the law enforcement agency and do so on a regular basis. The law enforcement agency has failed to screen out or is deliberately posting juvenile and minor information.


Checking the internet for information

Unfortunately it is very difficult to retract information once it is put out on the internet. It is unlike the days of old where something can be retracted in a newspaper. Therefore do a search to see where you can find the information.


What steps can I take

We suggest that you ask for the information to be taken down immediately. Contact the media outlet or newspaper and ask for them to scrub the sites. While you think it might just be visible in a paper it is often times still on the net for some time. Also consult an attorney to determine if you have a viable claim for a violation of privacy and slander. It is generally a criminal action to release this information which is punishable with jail time and or fines.