Wilmington Trooper Accused of Harassment & False Arrest

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Without commenting on the factual basis of the allegations, several points are worth mentioning:

  • Given the VERY serious nature of the allegations, it makes sense to reserve judgment until such time as a thorough, independent investigation is completed. All parties involved deserve nothing less than a fair, impartial review of the facts.
  • Broad brush statements that “all Troopers are liars" or “all Lawyers are bad people" do nothing to help the citizens of the State of North Carolina. Ultimately, what matters is: Serving and Protecting the Public and the Rule of Law. Personal, emotive attacks against the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, the individual State Trooper, Lawyers or the complainants are not helpful and in some ways are damaging.
  • Truth should be the ultimate goal. That process would be greatly facilitated through video taped evidence in all Law Enforcement Vehicles. The “accused" may include the individual police officer on the scene, as well as those charged with criminal offenses. North Carolina deserves the best proof. . .video.

NOTE: There may be other facts and law relevant to the issue. Readers should not base any decision on the;information provided herein and are specifically advised no client-lawyer relationship has been established. Put simply, seek the advice of competent counsel without delay to discuss the particular aspects of the case, factual scenario and historical background

WHY: The content herein is provided for educational purposes and should not be inferred as applying only to Traffic Tickets & Criminal Defense. In fact, it may be equally relevant to claims of personal injury involving accidents and the consumption of alcohol or more simply, to the daily practice of law. Bill Powers lectures on such issues on a regular basis with the intent to educate, to be fair, to be accurate and to encourage, open, honest and scientific discussion on the subject. Attorney Bill Powers does NOT represent the parties in the particular cause of action.

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