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Will Publicity Help or Hurt Your New York Medical Malpractice Case?

Posted by attorney Gerald Oginski

Will Publicity Help or Hurt Your New York Medical Malpractice Case? Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

NY Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Trial Lawyer



There are some clients who ask why some medical malpractice cases get a lot of publicity and others get none. The question is a good one and requires a little insight to understand the answer.

First, there's good publicity and there's bad publicity.

There are different reasons why an attorney will try and generate publicity for a medical malpractice case. Some of those reasons include trying to generate public outrage at what happened. Others involve a not so altruistic reason but rather to generate publicity for the attorney and law firm.

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Here's a cardiac malpractice case where I was able to achieve a $6 million dollar settlement for my client:

Here's a foot surgery case where a Westchester, NY jury awarded my client $1.55 million dollars for her pain and suffering:

To learn more about how medical malpractice cases work in the state of New York, I encourage you to explore my educational website, ?

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